Saturday, July 30, 2005

Operation: LOH (day 2 - night time)

Dinner: Somewhere in tiny Chicago Chinatown (Street)
Umm... prawns of sorts. Yummy. I love when you can eat the shell.

Clams: not a big fan of them.

Um... Chinese style Chicken? I don't remember what these dishes are called! Give me a break!

Squab. Ok, so squab is really Pigeon but people were debating it was really Quail.

Sizzling Beef Plate. Or Plate of Sizzling Beef

Fish and Veggies? Who knows? Who cares? It tastes great!

Uncle David (technically er-gu-fu but know one calls him that) and cousin Becky.

Uncle Tom (xiao-shu-shu) and my Mom making a wonderful face (out of context).

Unpictured: Dad wins the check again. Heavyweight Bill snatcher Aunt Emily is preemptively boxed in through clever seating arrangements. Uncle Edmond is embarassingly fooled with the old "We'll split it all evenly later" line. Later, we had boba which turned out to be over cooked. Blah. now I'm a boba snob as well =P

Home to Poker. We did a poker table downstairs on the pool table. $1 Buy-ins. My cousin Charlene was the surprise player taking out many players with her innocent play before busting out the big hands. She played hard and under the radar and had me reeling back many a times. What eventually did her in was a big bluff on my part. I layed down my 2 - 8 off suit bluff when it was down to 3 and had her calling me the rest of the night which eventually paid off in heads up. Cheers to Charlene. The end pot was $8 and fun was had by all.

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