Sunday, July 31, 2005

enough with the operations. it's just time to eat!

Yeah! We agree! No, wait. It's a bit of pre-mass warmups. When one's uncle is a priest, one tends to have mass all the time. Even in the dining room.

Sister in Law Sue. Brother Gabe. Sister Maria (sounds like a Nun when I say it like that). Gabe with Mass songs in hand. Harmonies ready to go.

Uncle Al (da-gu-fu) and Uncle Edmond (xiao-gu-fu) wondering why they are at mass on a sofa.

Ariel and Maria working on their Secret Project.

I can fly!

Crazy Lester

Oh wait, we lowered to basket for dramatic effect!

Uncle David enjoys good weather and wine.

Tom, Julie, and Emily in the prep line.

Becky chows down.

Mish chows even downer.

The dish spread

Dad poses with his homemade Shao-Bing

Loh family ritual.

Mom with Spatula and Random Chinese Plant C

Indoor Rock Climbing at the Libertyville Rec Center

Uncle Tom in motion. We played a game of "senoirs" vs. "junoirs" The junoirs were doomed to failure because I stink at basketball but we managed to make it a decently close game at 21-17.

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