Sunday, July 17, 2005


Saturday - July 16th

The day started with some weekend work where I sat in on a focus test at Shaba. Informative. I hope the feedback will be put to use. Afterwards, unable to get an appointment for a haircut, I just headed down to Japantown where I met up with Genevieve and we booked it on over to Creations. I had a mango, iced coconut, sago drink. She had taro pudding with a sorts of red or sweet bean soup. 4:15 - AMC Kabuki we met up with Kev, Romy, Dan, and Dan's friend Oz and saw the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I went in only with expectations to see some decent character acting from Johnny Depp. It did turn out to be an odd movie but I found myself laughing a lot and enjoying the movie. After the movie, I dropped Genevieve off at Oliver's house (see below) in the West Portal and went back to J-town for dinner. Jeremy had made his way over. Dinner was at Izumiya. I thought I was ordering Yaki-soba-okonomiyaki but it turned out to just be yaki-soba. Alright but I was ultimately disappointed. The night would really begin arriving at Oliver's house where my friend Deda lives. It was Oliver's birthday. Would you believe me if I said the guy on the right is under 30?

Tomoko, Tatsuya, Oliver

Deda, Woofy (the landlord)

Oliver was quite the host. I only wish I hadn't voluteered to drive otherwise I would've drunk myself happy. I thought we'd do a more casual cocktail and wine time but my first time over, who knew he'd be such a hard-time host. He made damned sure your glass wasn't empty and mixed all sorts of a wonderful drinks for all the guests. What a night. We stayed till 2:30am (had to rush Romy to get his car out of the J-town garage). Even the normally non-drinkers Kevin and Genevieve got drunk that night so fun was had by all.

So the crib was really nice. That's all I'll say. REALLY nice. You can't quite see the furniture there but I was calling it "Space Couch" because of it's futuristic curves. One of the cushions was dubbed "Tofu Cushion" by Kevin. Oliver has a good sense of style.

(clockwise from upper left) Deda, Jeremy, Dan, Romy, Kevin, Oliver (distorted glass version), Genevieve.

Some of the interesting art Oliver has in his house.

Kevin says "Paint me Jeremy!"

Jeremy, Tomoko, Tatsuya

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