Friday, July 15, 2005

*TFB, it's dynamite*

So today I took the day off from Shaba and went up to TFB, my regular place of employment. I quite enjoyed the ride up the 101 this morning. There was a presentation on 401k's and various benefits which I didn't fully understand. Once I get that sorted out though, it'll be one less thing to worry about. Additionally, I managed to set up my new desk. It's a high set desk so I can either stand on it or sit on a stool. I'm eventually gonna get a nice office chair that can go up that high but my $30 cushioned target stool not only looks nice but will suffice for now. Or next month when I officially return. To the rear is a white board for jotting down ideas and an empty corner for a yet to be purchased bookshelf where I will store all my art and game books. I've also got my poster of kung fu hustle up. It's the boring USA version though. Something to spruce it up for now. Later additions will be my Lupin III toys, Abominable Snow, and Dragon Quest slime from E3. Any other ideas?

Ended the day with some good ole SNES Bomberman. In the first game, I was afraid I wasn't going to get a single kill. All the other designers kept gunning for me with a "kill Nat" mentaility to humble me. They even went so far as to say "kill Nat" before each round started. It was a lot of fun. I could feel the unused Bomberman neurons reactivating in my brain. It started to hurt. I think I said something dorky like "My Bomberman neurons are reactivating!" which was dubbed most sampleable line of the day. I seem to get the honor a lot. In the end, I managed 2 wins. In game two, I came out with an early 4 game lead but couldn't bring home the bacon to humiliate my co-workers (having not played for so long and them playing 5 days a week). Really ended the day by getting spaghetti and other pasta ingredients at the Novato Safeway. My friends say it's the nicest Safeway they've ever seen. Then I went to Scotty's Market in San Rafael, picked up some cheese and wine and a Turkey Cranberry Salad sandwich for dinner. Seasame mocchi ice cream! Now some Bleach - episode 40. Tommorrow is a focus test at work from 12-2, hopefully a hair cut at 3, Willy Wonka at 4:15, dinner, and then cocktails at deda's. *does a weird gesture* ----> *vanishes!*

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