Friday, July 01, 2005

Poker & Games

Every first Friday of the month is Poker Night at Shaba. I've done pretty well in the past with ups/down at +20, -20, +80, +20, +15, and +8 last night. Last night was a tad stressful. I started out at a good table with a lot of the really good players. People who play at poker halls and tournaments. As such, I'm used to a mellow and chatty time and was later moved (after taking a break for some Saag Chicken from Chaat) on a table of endless howling, and not shit-talking which I can deal with, but more like heckling. Every single player at the table just yelling like kindergarteners. They want me to entertain them? How about being quiet so I can think if I want to call a $18 raise. I normally don't have a problem entertaining others but I want to have a good time. That one table put me on tilt every hand. I managed to lose all the money I won up to that point (up 20), but I bought back in and won it all back and came up eight bucks. I just ended up giving the money to my friend "Jimmy!" who came to raise money for his AIDS ride charity. He was doing really well, like up $40 (first time playing, 2nd buy-in) but lost it all in one hand to the guy we call Jason "Casino" Nishino. We made Jason feel bad though when we said "you took all his charity money!"


Look! Menzies actually WON a hand!

And Frenton with pokect twos???

Jimmy! also brought me a friendly box of gifts from TFB =) I finally got copies of Madagascar for PS2, Xbox, & GameCube as well as extra copies for family and friends. I also got a cute talking penguin. =)

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