Friday, February 20, 2009

Museum Mparty Mash

It's a party at the Academy of Sciences.

I wonder how the fish like the music?

Here we are by the DJ booth where there is no dance floor. But where there is a floor, and there is dance, a dance floor can be made.

This is no place for talking! Time to boogie!

AAC classmate Dino & I. He is more famous than I am.

There is so much going on in this picture. Great faces and expressions but then on the right... I'm speechless.

When all was said and done, we transformed that empty DJ booth area into a full fledged dance party.

And then at the height of the party, (all had not really been said and done yet) in the excitement of dancing, I managed to projectile camera (which is like projectile vomiting) my camera by way of jacket pocket straight into the ground. It wasn't like a dropped it or anything. Projectile. Probably at a 45 degree angle. I was surprisingly very Buddhist about the whole thing. That and it's a good thing my trusty Canon PowerShot S-80 works. I actually feigned slamming my camera into the ground several times because it was frustrating the hell out of me, taking blurry pictures and the flash. The flash! What is wrong with that Nikon? There is like a 20 second delay between flash pictures and then you are left pressing the button and it won't take a picture until you are pointing it down in confusion. Anyways, gotta find out how I can get it fixed because while it still turns on and off and the lens works, I believe the zoom is broken where the camera thinks it is trying to zoom out constantly and in that mode, nothing else works. I can hit the menu button and the picture review picture but a lot of navigation controls seem hosed.

So in text form, the party was over at 10pm. We headed over to the Fireside for more drinks and general lounging. A splinter cell made their way to Naan and Curry across the street for food. We eventually hit up Go Go Cafe at around 12:35 AM. This is the Chinese restaurant that I came to with my family back in 1999. It's not bad and quite cheap.

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