Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lark Pien show

Did you know? (because I didn't) Studio Gallery moved a block north into their new and bigger space. Lark Pien show. <-- see her stuff here.

This is the final piece of this interesting... um... real time? piece Lark did. (<-- see more there) I believe as part of her residency with the Asian Art Museum. I think?

check it out here.

Thien Pham is awesome
. He has a pretty neat side job doing food reviews in comic form for an Oakland newspaper.

Jenn and Lark.
Jenn wants all you artsy people to get involved and enter into this poster contest for the Asian Art Museum where she works.

other art works at Studio Gallery

rusty nail fox.

Afterwards we went to Nick's Crispy Tacos for... Tacos! I was so hungry I managed to eat 3 tacos before I remembered to take pictures of their non-existence. They were very yummy! Use your imagination.

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