Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a Morimoto Holiday

I got this book earlier in the month. Or was it last month? Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto's book: Morimoto, the New Art of Japanese Cooking. One thing about this book is that many of the recipes resemble ones I see in my "Professional Cooking" text book not necessarily in technique but when you look at a recipe, it's like "and add this stock (see page 147)..." and you look at page 147 and the recipe for the stock is like "cook bones in cold water and add special sauce (see page 536)..." etc. etc. So while I try to go through as many steps as I can just for the learning, you tend to try to find short cuts. Such as Tonkatsu broth. Ack. That is at least in overnight process (requires the soaking of kombu) so this frozen Shanton broth I made from last time should substitute okay.

This is Morimoto's Grilled Seared Pork Chops with Enoki Mushrooms, Napa Cabage, and Tonkatsu Shanton Broth. The mushrooms and cabage and cooked up quickly with oil and butter and assembled in the bowl. The pork chop magically floats above the broth by laying on top of the former before laddling the broth in.

Because the bowl was not meant for two, I experimented with another presentation. The enoki mushrooms and cabbage can sort of be seen under the shadow of the soup bowl. It was discovered that the three must work together to make for the ultimate experience. Serving them separate like this makes it hard to enjoy their culinary union. Morimoto knows best, but I learned something about it!

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