Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One more night on the town.

Meet up with Henry on my last day in London.

We got dinner (w/ Maria) at an Italian joint Henry frequents (he works not so far from where Maria lives in Central London). Henry brought this discount coupon voucher that lets you buy one get one free. There was an epic exchange with the restaurant manager as he valiantly tried to get the manager to let us use the same print out to get two meals items for free as the coupon stated any number of coupons could be used in a meal. The thing was there was this info you had to fill out so the company could collect customer details. The manager insisted that a separate form of details had to be filled out on the proper form so that it could be attached to the receipt for the central office to process and that it HAD to be on the form. Her hands were tied. Whatever lady. Henry did all the CCMs (Cheap Chinese Man) proud this night.

This was the meat lasagna. Only the inside was more like chili than Italian meat goods.


Afterwards, we went to a diner for milkshakes. We started talking about what we normally do during our holidays and the subject of family Pictionary (usually played at the Hickey's) came up. Well, I saw no reason why we couldn't play right then. The way we play is you have two teams. Team 1 delivers a phrase/clue to a designated drawer for Team 2. The drawer must draw and the rest of the team must guess the clue. There are no points. You just keep going. Well we do have the board game in Toronto but it usually turns into this more fun version. The standard board game has this concept of winners and a finish that makes the game less fun. That and the clues from the games can be incredibly easy and/or lame. One year, the clue to be drawn was "essence." That word has since been deemed unfair. I believe another banned word was "irreverence." So here we have some great drawings. Play along why don't you.

Clown Graduation? (upper right:) Cow? Car? Tent?
Hint: has to do with London. Answers below.

This was a recreation of dinner. The bottom left is supposed to be "Disk" + "Oww" = Diskoww --> discount.

So it might be worth mentioning, the way we played with three people was one person gives the clue, one draws, one guesses. No teams.

This one Henry drew and I guessed. The clue was three words. From what I gathered there was a dude with a guitar... ok, a musician. His hair once was long. Now it is short. And he's singing about some weird ass shit. I randomly happen to get the first name. Jon. Who could it be?

Well this one has the clue written on it and I'm too lazy to blur it out in photoshop and reupload the image. The full clue is "surround sound system" Surround proved to be the hardest word to guess. (Maria was drawing, Henry was guessing, I was laughing) sound was derived from - sounds like Hound, the dog with the pipe next to a fox, a radio, and music from a car. System for 6 + 10. Six ten. System. Also sounds like "Sis" (see family tree) + 10.

Two words. Ok, so sandwich is an easy one. But what type of sandwich do you think this could be? Sandwich with a tongue? Can you guess where the bottom clue is going?

That's my trip to London. Hope you all enjoyed it. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Now you want the answers don't you?

1) Not Cow Car Tent, but Ox + Ford + Circus. The clown apparently got his diploma from Oxford. Oxford Circus.

2) Discount Coupon. Maria kept saying discount voucher because I guess they don't say coupon in London. =P

3) What is that guy doing in the first song? He's thinking? No, there is a cross. He's praying. Praying about a cloud? With a house and car? That's not a cloud. That is the prayer. And there is a dude living on it. Ohmygod, it's Jon Bon Jovi. That one took me forever to figure out. The song to the right was a half-way implemented You Give Love a Bad Name.

4) Surround Sound System.

5) So there is a gangster dude. The arrow pointy to him is Bug + Sea = Bugsy. What gangster is named Bugsy? Bugsy Malone. So this is a Bugsy Malone Sandwich. Wait, whaaaa? Ok, think about how many sandwiches in there world there are. Actually narrow it down to how many sandwiches in the USA. Bugsy. Malone. Bugsy. Maloney. Bumoney. It's Baloney Sandwich! Bologna Sandwich to be precise.

Thanks for playing. Now go have your own wonderful pictionary adventures. If you're really mean, you'll try to have someone guess "The essence of Irreverence"

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