Sunday, December 30, 2007

Guess what? More food! Snoop Dogg

XLB for breakfast

More noodles for lunch. This time I went for the Dao Xiao Mien or literally "Blade Shaven/Peeled Noodle" Here is another video. Not as exciting. Look on youtube and you'll be able to find some more interesting videos where they shoot the noodles into the pot from far away.

And the final product. I prefer the La Mien better. Smoother and not as chewy.


Here is a bird's eye view of Pacific Mall.

Look at all those selections!


At Grandma's for dinner. Roast Duck from Sam Woo

Gabe the Sushi roller

Aunt Julie the Dish Rocker.


Some spirited Pictionary. From our Alaska Cruise, we developed a new way of playing Pictionary. Everyone writes a word or phrase on a piece of paper with their name on the outside. Then everyone randomly selects one (selecting again if you pick your own) and then you take turns drawing while everyone except the one who wrote the word/phrase guesses. Lots more fun and then you get some ridiculously hard words such as "essense" from our Alaska trip and topping that this time "irreverent."

Here is a fun one by Ron.


moocow422 said...

question -- the place that you got the Dao Xiao Mien -- is that the same place that makes the fresh hand-pulled noodles and is really loud upstairs with the dough-smacking?
do you have to tell them that u want dao xiao mien vs hand-pulled noodles when u order? i've been and always just assumed that i was getting the hand-pulled ..

Nat said...

yeah, you gotta ask for dao xiao mien. If you just ask for mien they will default to the la mien. Try it but I find the la mien to be superior.