Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A White White (Elephant) Holiday (Company Party)

If you read just in the parenthesis, it says Elephant Company Party. teeheehee! Toys For Bob was nice enough to invite the whole company out to celebrate my birthday. People have been asking my age and I'm very not age conscious. Or is it age conscientious? Either way, since I'm getting up there in the years, I've been given those cryptic answers as if I don't want to tell people my age just to see what type of reactions I get and even though I'm a guy, no one really pushes the issue. I don't know how everyone else feels about it but asking someone's age should be a normal thing. Whether you're older or younger than a person, you should enjoy that. And then take advantage of the fact! mwahahaha.

A most disturbing looking Salmon.

Less disturbing, more delicious Roast.

Various h'dourves

Garlic and Brie

Da chips.

Raw veggie plate

Cheese and fruits

Deviled Eggs

Scallop skewer



Karaoke (left) + One super holiday sweater (right)

The Toys For Bob White Elephant. The gift exchange like no other. A quick scan of youtube dug up nothing remotely as cool as this.

I picked up this sweet "wind up sushi" package. That was stolen so freakin' fast and that suspect man in the background ended up getting it. Yes, this was the same man who managed to steal my Celine Dion fragrance set last year. Damn you Eddy!!!

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