Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dinner with the Goh's

Or is it spelled "Go?"

Here are my two little nephews (technically cousins once removed) Tyler and Oliver.

Dinner with the Goh's



Some sort of meat stuffed tofu things that went with noodles and a coconut curry soup.

Singaporean Beef something. Balobo? I don't remember the name.


Gabe said...

Are Oliver and Tyler getting along again?

Christina said...

awww, your nephews are adorable! and that dog is HUGE!!!!!

Nat said...

Oliver was cranky, apparently because he missed his nap so he wasn't in a sharing mood and generally got upset with any butting ins from Tyler who appeared quite well behaved. Tyler was no longer attached at the hip to Woodou and seemed quite fond of Oliver imitating his older brother a lot. Tyler likes to pick up things now and he still likes holding things. Like stealing his grandpa's remote controller!