Sunday, January 04, 2009

Aw-Hawh-Hawh-Hawh-Hawh (French laughter from another region)

Chez Marianne for lunch. What do we eat?

besiiiiiides bread?

and besides wine?

Falafel! Among many other things.

These falafel were really tasty. They were smaller than the ones you usually find in America and as such we extra crunchy which I find extra appealing.

Morrocan Mint tea.

At the back door to the Louvre

Last time I came with Deda, we came in from the front entrance.

Maria wanted to see the Mantegna exhibit.

This was the line we avoided by coming in early.

In the lobby, under the pyramid.

Not the triumphant arch. Just an arch in front of the Louvre. Eiffel in the background.

Rue de petits carreaux - road of small squares

I came looking for this Eric Kayser Boulanger recommended by David Lebovitz. #7 on the list.

yummy breads

and puffy pastery

King Cakes - Galette des Roi

Pain au Chocolat

Croissant & Raisin bun thing.

Zoop. Back to London. This is the Eurostar train station. Because if its name, I refer to it as St. Pancreas.


Serrano Ham

Sunday roast with giant Yorkshire pudding on top.

Sunday roast sans pudding. Did you know that the English refer to dessert as pudding?


I'm sleepy. =P

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