Saturday, January 03, 2009

Aw-Hwaw-Hwaw-Hwaw (a.k.a. the French Laugh)

It's 6AM, do you know where your children are?


So very fast.

Arrive in Paris in just 3 hours.

Do you see the resemblence? That green thing is actually a giant recycling receptacle.

Lunch time at Cafe des Musees, 49, rue de Turenne (3rd)

Pumpkin soup

Beer boiled Pork Knuckle

Maria had a Entrecôte steak

Honey and a sort of cottage cheesey yogurt.

Apple tart.

Nearby, the Place des Vosges (Louis XIII Square)

A funny story was on a nearby plaque. One of the kings, probably Louis XIII made this into the Royal Residence. Le Pavillon du Roi. There are many fancy homes here including the home of Victor Hugo. That was later, but somewhere inbetween, Henry II died and some relative said it was their favorite place or something and in response, queen Catherine de Medici had it torn down and made into a horse market. If you look carefully in the picture above, you'll see a statue of Henry II riding a horse.

St Paul St Louis Church

Inside the Musee D'orsay. You will not close on me this time!

So character caricature works of Daumier.

And some of his face studies.

Maria likes this painting.

And says this one is it's counter-part, forever stuck to one another in the sequence of art history teachers everywhere.

Crazy Cow!

I think this was on the cover of one of my art history books? I dunno. It VERY familiar.

scale model of the Paris Opera house.


titled Claire de Lune, one of my favorite classical (music) pieces.

Manet's Olympia.

Fancy French room/hall.

Crazy Art Nouveau room/furniture.

Ninja photography at the École des Beaux-Arts
(School of Fine Arts). They had some pretty enviable anatomy resources on hand for their students to do studies from.

L'institut Francais

Musee du Louvre

Le Pont Neuf as viewed from Pont des Arts.

Box of stolen stuff? Being resold?

We stayed at the Le Standard Hotel near Bastille. Sure they had some nice decor but as far as hotels go, it was sort of... standard but in France, that is a good thing. You never know what you're going to get with hotels in Paris.

View from our hotel window.


It just says restaurant but the place is called Robert et Louise, at 64, Rue Vieille du Temple. Make sure you have reservations if you want to dine here.

Plate of delicious non-kosher meats...

somewhere inbetween a pork pate and a pork/tuna salad.

Duck Confit, duck cooked in its own fat...

Mushroom mushroom.

Creme Bruleeeeeee


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