Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Day. Do nothing but eat.

Venetian Cookies for breakfast.

And a late late lunch at the Sitar Restaurant on the Strand with Ron, fresh back from Toronto. Don't ask him about his flight.

Chicken Korma (I like Om's Korma better!)

Fish Curry of sorts.

Aloo Gobi (I like Indian Villages better!)

Lamb? Curry


Question: Is Indian food photogenic?

Ah, so lies by me. New Years night, we went to the Renoir Theatre in the Brunswick Centre and caught a double feature of Che parts 1 and 2. Altogether over 4 hours of cinema. Each part had its strong points and weak points but overall I liked the first part better. The version I saw abruptly ended though so that was a bit confusing. It was like, really? That was the last scene? Return that red car? I think part 2 comes out in April or something like that?