Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Dinner

Taken from Flickr. Had dinner with Maria and her friend Rosemary.

Gratin de Crabe 'Thermidor' - creamy crab gratin in a rich mustard and brandy sauce, glazed with cheese. Sounds like it might be good. despite the whole seafood and cheese combo. But it really just tasted like a bland tuna melt.

Salade d'accompagnement - mixed green salad, garlic croutons, and warm bacon "lardons." It was like eating a BLT?

I had the 8oz Faux Fillet Prime Sirloin.

Mi cuit au chocolat, compote de cerises - extra bitter chocolate fondant served hot with praline ice cream and cherry compote.

Watched the fireworks on TV because it was too damned cold outside. Not to mention crowded.

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