Saturday, December 06, 2008

more weekend adventures

Wanting to get out of the house, I went to the Mission District to checkout the Mission St. Baazar. I think it's an annual event?

Who knew there was a replica Moorish Castle in SF?

Somehow the interior does not match with the exterior. This used to be a military arms storage hangar/castle.

The stuff people were selling were largely hand-made crafts. As such, they were are super expensive. =P All I wanted to shop for was a hand knitted hat but the only one was a hand knitted vicuna one going for $80. Bananas.

I always wanted to check out this crazy church. I've always thought it was pretty ridiculous.

The inside doesn't feel overly large but the ceiling does go up all the way which is kinda neat but also very ridiculous. I've always thought that if a church had money to build some ridiculous building, they could spend that money elsewhere helping someone? But then sometimes rich people just give churches money cause they want a nice church to go to so it's not really the churches fault is it?

Apparently this is a church that believes in dragons.

The real reason for stopping by was this Mexican cultural festival going on in the church plaza. It had mostly died down by the time I got there (saw it on my way to the castle).


tommorrow is the big dinner.

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