Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry (Ole England) Xmas

Can you guess where I am for Christmas?

Public transit doesn't run on Xmas! They must really love their holidays. Or hate paying people awesome overtime. Maria had to call me a mini-cab. Driver for Nat Lot? Nat Lot. oh boy, the story of my life.

At Maria's flat. Here she is opening the ginger grater I got her along with other presents.

Maria got me a book and a bottle of truffle oil.

Here we are skyping with artifacty Gabriel and co. We get to "see" Violet for the first time.

Pork chops with a random spice rub I made.

Leafy salad thing.

Cous Cous

Truffles and raspberry pudding thing.

Stay warm! Cause it's freezing in London.

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