Monday, December 29, 2008

Fancy things, not so fancy things.

We had lunch at Alan Yau's fancy Japanese restaurant, Sake No Hana. Using some simple materials, architect Kengo Kuma makes for some pretty nifty decor.

Jumbo Tamago. Ack, this serves like 4 people.

Maria's Beef bento "box"

Fanciest Seaweed Salad I've seen.

Yorkshire Pork Katsu with not-Tonkatsu sauce

Tuna Cheek

Pear tart with Lavender/Chocolate ice cream.

Over in the Burlington Arcade @ Laduree

Picking up some macaroons.

And some more at Alan Yau's Yauatcha for a Macaroon-off.

geek central - Forbidden Planet. A great comic and book store.

Let the Macaroon-off begin! Left to right, Team Laduree: Coffee, Pistachio, Praline.

Team Yauatcha: Sesame, ?, Black Tea

Met up with Chien Tan buddy Henry in Blackheath for some Pub Quiz.

Maria says "no pub experience is complete without Pork Scratchings.

The big ones are not so good. It's like eating fluffy butter. And these would be the "not so fancy things."

Proper Bangers and Mash (not mine)

Henry's friend James.

We got third place! (out of about 8 teams)

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