Sunday, December 07, 2008

Super Dinner

Stocked full of foods

Lobsters in a box

They said putting the knife through the lobster's head was the most humane way to dispatch it but the tail tends to disagree. They also don't tell you about the bubbles that come out of the lobsters head. Or the fact that all the muscles fight back. 10 seconds in boiling water seems more humane, but after the first one, the next 4 went by pretty easily.

Broke out the Brunello. >__< didn't get much for myself. I hope you people realized you drank a 40 euro bottle of wine! First course of Piave and Pecorino and 2 types of honey that went with the Brunello went unphotographed. =P I was a bit distracted at the moment.

2nd course was a Lobster salad made from the claws. This is a recipe I borrowed from Iron Chef Sakai. Although I forgot my two alterations >__< This is lightly boiled lobster claws processed with mayonaise, chives, and radish. I forgot to add persimmon into that mix and it was going to be served on a bed of arugula. The garnish is daikon sprouts. Sakai uses rapeseed blossom for bitterness. No idea where I get that but daikon sprouts do the trick.

3rd course, Lobster Bisque served with broiled Lobster tail pieces.

Sage Roasted Whole Chicken served with (not pictured) Truffled and Cheesy mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, the mash potatoes were done way sooner than the chicken was (damn you internets!) so they really didn't get served together.

And desert was a mango coconut pana cotta pudding served with raspberries and dried persimmon slices.

Last course was tea and crackers but it ended up just being tea. Due to time constraints, Risotto was cut from the menu.

Overall, the food turned out great but the cooking was hectic and crazy. I want my Brunello! Better go buy another bottle. Will post other pictures whenever Casey gets them to me.

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