Sunday, October 22, 2006


This was our 7am morning call/alarm. How convenient!

Hey cool. I'm in Egypt. Oh wait, France stole that. Riiiight.

The Lion is biting his ass. Seriously, this is a famous statue. And it rocks.

Code of Hammurabi. You can see in the lower right detail, Hammurabi is handing Enki the Hacker a zero and a one.

I <3 this Column. Well the top part of it. It's ridiculous!

Body of Christ. Amen.

Fish mummy!

You know, the same thing happened to me the other day when I was coming out of a large jar.

Thanks for sucking, France!

Tom Hanks: See my movie! It's very factually accurate! I swear! I SWEAR!!!

I must be evil or something. I walked by one of the little prayer cubbies along the naves and the vase of flowers fell off the alter when I walked by. OR, I'm really holy and those flowers were poisonous bombs and my holiness saved the entire church.

I highly recommend you watch Amelie before you visit Paris so you are completely familiar with all the sites from the movie. It's so much funner seeing them that way.

Riding the Funiculaire was great. You get to laugh at all those people on the steps who have to use their muscles. But they get to laugh at you, riding in a crowded and possibly malodorous environment. But they have to use muscles!

There is a girl at the bottom wearing a Zorro mask waving a photo album...


It's just a tower. Maybe it'd be romantic if it was lit up. And it gave me a girlfriend. And it wasn't cold and windy.

See? Not much to it. Next time I visit the tower, I think I'll go drunk. I'll be sure to enjoy it then!

Nat du Triumph!


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