Friday, October 06, 2006


Breakfasts in Italy are rather small.

A sign of things to come. This is Piazza San Carlo. The San Carlo and San Christina churches we covered in lovely scaffolding. The government thought imaged likenesses of the churches would be a fitting replacement. There is a bull carving on the side path of the piazza. His balls are made of gold. Stepping on them is considered good luck.

I could have put a picture of Piazza Castello where the Government building and the old royal palace are but I like how this picture came out more.

He is a picture taken on the back side of Piazza Castello. Can you guess why there are shoes hanging on the wire?

Mole Antonelliana - Deda says "tallest brick building in Europe" The original base was a synagogue. The rest (pretty much everything you see in this picture) was built up on top of it.

Another nice Torino street.

Inside the Mole Antonelliana at the Museo del Cinema. This is the upside-down lens.

Looking at stereographic photos from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

There were all sorts of trick lens and warpy mirrors at the museum, just like this one.

Green scene challenge: what can you do with this image?

Italian Rashomon poster. There were all sorts of movie items and old posters and even Fellini's signature hat and red scarf, drawings, original superman cape, layouts for star wars, laurence of arabia's costume, so many things. I can't post them all. =P

Inside of the Mole Antionelliana

Looking up at the incredible ascensore; an elevator that goes straight up the middle of the dome with no side supports. Kinda freaky.

There was a lower section in the museum with screens playing clips for all sorts of genres. Horror, Sci-fi, etcetera. This was outside the cartoon area.

The "door" into the cartoon area.

This cafe section featured films of/in/about Torino.

Musicals. who'd guess it?

Underground Cafe. There are TV's built into the table! One for each seat.

Atop at the Ascensore Panoramico.

Deda told me (a few times) that a plane crashed into the Superga church at the top of the hill in the background and killed the entire champion Torino football team. And a girl jumped from a church that looks sorta like this one (the Sagra di San Michele but hey, it's far away! all look same!) to commit suicide and lived and said it was a miracle and did it a second time to prove to the doubtful townsfolk that she floated down on the hand of God. Only to fall to her death this time. God doesn't like showoffs.

Outside and below the Mole Antonelliana

Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino @ Piazza Carlo Alberto

Lemon (+) Soda. Very good!

Pacetta Panino. Look how fatty and gossomer it is!

Carignano Palace

Giandua Gelato del Fiorio

Assorted goodies.

Maroons Glaces (Glazed Chestnuts)

More assorted goodies

River Po

This was a recreated medieval village. Pacro del valentino - Villaggio medievale.

First King of Italy, Savoia Vittorio Emanuele.


Torino is right on the Swiss Alps so they have some good bottled water. This one definitely tasted different.

Pizza con Speck

White cheese, Walnuts, Olives


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