Saturday, October 07, 2006

Milano, journey to Lucignano D'Arbia

Industrial Revolutionesque Stazione Milano

Inside the Duomo di Milano

Outside, Piazza del Duomo. Deda and her friend L(?)inda.

Galleria di Milano

In a variation to Milano's bull balls stomping, in Milano you must make a bodily rotation on the bull's balls spinning on your heel. This is supposed to be good luck?!?

At the Piazza Mercato, thieves who were caught used to be thrown into this well for a week. If they survived, they got to be released.

Castello Sforzesco.

The courtyard inside is so big! and so tall! ooooooo!

This moat was once filled will water. and axe weilding alligator people. Outside the gates we saw the Carosello far off in the distance. When I asked if we were walking down there, I was met by supportive laughter.

"The only thing worth eating in Milano" isn't that a bit harsh?

I guess don't go anywhere other than Luini's for Panzerotti. Well there and many more places in Naples where the Panzerotti is from.

Duomo from the outside. So Gothic!

Deda to Formula One Ferrari: "My Prrrrecioussss"

um... Some Gelato baseball covered with coffee.

Some cousin of the Tiramisu.

Eurostar to Firenze/Florence. Along the way, we pass the towns of Parma and Reggio Emilia. Homes of Parmesan Reggiano. Modena, home of Balsamic Vinegar. As well as Bologna, home of the oldest university in Europe. And Bologny. From Firenza, we took a bus to Siena. A bus we almost missed because the sign pointing to it was small and inconspicuous. And then a car decided to rear end the bus so we were stuck on the bus for sometime until a passing bus picked us up. What a weird night.

Braided Cheese! Heeheehee.

Angelina's special Eggplant Penne. Pasta alla Norma.

Local Tuscan Wine.

mmm... meat stick.

In Italy, salads come after the main course. That's just how it is. I hear it's really because if they eat it beforehand, they turn into Parisians! Ok, so Deda had to inform me that it is to cleanse the palette when going from a meat course to a seafood course. That don't look like seafood does it? Below. That bread! I think my Parisian theory is holding up.

This is a fresh loaf of Pancosanti. It has raisins and walnuts inside. I forget if it was homemade or store bought. Edit: store bought. It's for dessert.

Deda surveys the field.

And strikes like a power-drunk lemur.


umm... I forget what it was. Let's just pretend that whatever it was, it was that good. Salute'!

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