Wednesday, October 04, 2006

London 3, the Third Trilogy.

Breakfast of smoothies and assorted breakfast pastries.

Pastry detail.

Lunch at Diwana (Indian restaurant) on Drummond St. Lunch buffet.

Let's go get a hair cut. It lasted a day. Mainly because I usually don't take time to style my hair. Mainly because I don't have a supply of hair wax on hand.

Walking around is tough so let's go get a massage. Everyone deserves a good backrub!

Turkish food for dinner. 5 item Mezes.

uh, I forget what most of this is so just look at the pictures and be hungy.

Oh wait, this one is mine. It's a meat moussaka. I also had some Efes Pilsen so by first British beer was in fact Turkish.

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