Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birthdays in Britainia

The morning started off with Homemade Strawberry Smoothie and Sausage Egg McMuffin thing for breakfast =D

In London, I like juicy bits. That's the extent of humor you're getting out of this post. Just dry boring captions today.

Fortum & Mason. A snazy British department store in the Piccadilly Circus area where tourists go to buy tea.

A fancy shopping place near Bond St.

Two pieces on the double-decker bus.

Her Majesty's Theater where Phatom of the Opera plays. A theatre was bought in New York to house the American performance and was named the Majestic.

Can you pronounce "Gloucester?"

Maria & Ron

Parmiggiana di melanzane - Baked aubergines (eggplants), parmesan cheese & tomato sauce.

Bresaola con tegoline al parmiggiano - cured beef served with crunchy oven baked parmesan cheese.

Zuppa del giorno - pumpkin soup.

Pappardelle ai funghi misti - Long strips of pasta with mixed wild mushrooms.

? possibly the linguine al pomodoro e basilico. or some special i don't recall.

Tagliatelle al ragu' di cervo 0 Tagliatelle with tomato sauce & mince venison.

Gelato a tre gusti - Chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio gelato served in a chocolate coated wafer basket.

Cheesecake monterosa - Mascarpone & sweet ricotta with layers of delicate sponge & and topped with wild strawberries set in a strawberry coulis.

British Telecom tower by night.

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