Monday, October 02, 2006

London the First

Into the world of the Aeroportical!

Worcester Sauce. This made for an excellent primer into pronouncing "British" words like Cockburn and Banana Peel.

I flew Virgin Atlantic. The meals were quite decent but the onboard entertainment was broken so I was stuck with [preemptive noooooooooooooooooooooo] Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible 3.


Colorful Moneys! or in Britainian: Colourful Notes!

This was my first time to Europe so I was bound to learn many new things and see new things. For example, apparently there and vicious Death snakes that lurk in the sewers. One can never be too careful around these.

So after meeting up with my sister, she brought me to Ryder's for fish and chips. Honestly, they are quite good fish and chips but when you are just talking about battered fish and french fries, there is a ceiling as to just how good they can be. I mean, it's good but it really is just fish. and chips.

The guidebooks should mention to avoid "violent" fountain water.

British phones are a total rip off. They charge you 30 pence just to connect and then an additional pence per SECOND you call. So if you make a 30 second phone call, you are charged 60 pence, or around $1.20 It's a good thing you can smash these evil things in my Downhill Jam level in Edinburgh. I called my sister on one of these and came out missed one legging to my jeans.

It also appears I missed some other details about British phone booths. There are apparently many lonely females in the city with strange names like Candace and Phillip.

To sell fried chicken, send a placard bearing man in front of KFC and lure their customers away with charm.

So some sights were to be seen. "Big Ben. Parliment."

If fish and chips weren't British enough, we went to SOHO for Scones and Tea. That cup of buttery spread is in fact what is called "clotted creme." It's a sweet creme whipped butter thing and clot it does.

"Mmm! Tastes like Vasobypass Surgery!"

Things we didn't eat.

Cutting through the British Museum.

Cous Cous for dinner. To avoid jetlag, I stayed awake for something like 24 hours. I remember feeling quite delirious earlier that day around 4pm London time which by the way is 8 hours ahead of San Francisco.

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