Friday, October 12, 2007


I took Maria to Taqueria Cancun, widely considered one of the Mission District's and San Francisco's best Mexican places.

I like the Chinese name. This is a chinese influenced gelateria which flavors like jackfruit, soursop, and durian.

L->R: Soursop, Jackfruit, Chestnut, Green Tea, Sesame.

Nio is enjoying her gelato with Wu/ Zun\

Seoul Garden. Maria says you have to order all of the Panchan 반찬 individually when you get KBBQ in England. And that you get half the amount of meat for the same price.

Kalbi & Bulgogi

Nok du Bean Dae Duk. Korean styled pancake mixed with mung beans and vegetables.

We saw this Wes Anderson film afterwards. It was cool but it doesn't really go anywhere. Sort of like, does anyone really remember how Life Aquatic or Royal Tenenbaums ends? I liked those movies but I really can't remember much about them. Maybe that's just my memories.

Mixed fruits, honeydew sago.

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