Wednesday, October 10, 2007

die Schwester ist gelandet

"Crazy" sushi at Kabuto A & S. Sans lots of food pics because there are a bunch previously posted. Website has lots of (unlabeled!!!) food pics. We had Natto, Kabocha, Tamago, Kampachi (yellow jack), Escolar (white tuna), ceviche, salmon skin mango, and hamachi pear.

Mo-mo? Cha-cha? Is that the random dessert dish? Ha.

Sago + Mix Fruits + Watermelon juice. Snow Frog Papaya Boat.

We then watched Memories of Matsuko off of Crunchyroll. Actress Miki Nakatani of The Ring fame won the inaugural Best Actress award at the Asian Film Awards on March 20th, 2007. It was an... interesting movie. My sister says that this movie was every Amelie could have been but I liked Amelie so... well it's Ameliesque but sadder? Well it's not a spoiler (but stop reading if you want to stay absolutely virgin about it) because the movie not on starts like this but... look at the title! The movie begins with Matsuko's death so you already know it can't end so well for her. Um weird... no trailer on youtube. Just watch the movie!

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Christina said...

yummmm!! sago....i want some sago!! i don't know where to go for that in u??