Saturday, October 13, 2007

I don't have titles for these posts


Awww... Maria is sad to leave her beloved brother. Nope. Maria is sad because she has to go back to London where it will not only be freakin cold but she will see nary a spot of sunshine for the next 6 months.

Maria considered this the highlight of the day. If you make the jump, there are ping ying lyrics in the more info tab. Not recommended viewing for non-ABCs. It will just leave you confused and bitter.


Christina said...

wow..u and maria look sooo much alike!! i know you're siblings and all...but the resemblance is definitely there. looks like u both had a good time!

pr.shaolin said...

Sad sad sad definitely sad. Miss my little brother.

pr.shaolin said...

Yes, yes, cold and grey in London. But there's always WLH and Romantic Princess (ha ha ha).

bittermelon said...

wow, i think we share the same fixation of photographing our food. let's swap
some time.

but now my stomach's making crazy cavernous noises. thanks a lot. THANKS.