Saturday, October 06, 2007

Goalies and Gourmand

X-D I can watch Ranger games on my TV over the internet now!!! Plus pretty much any other game in the NHL.

This is my Portobello Risotto experiment. No saffron in this one because after I tasted it, I decided I didn't want the mushroom flavor to get covered up. Cooking the mushrooms in some olive oil and butter first really brings out that natural mushroom color like you see in good cream of mushroom soups.

I tried inviting people as I am a pretty spontaneous type of cooker. Everyone has plans so I have too much food! And risotto isn't exactly the type of food you want sitting about.

This was the original plan. To make a bunch of these babies. There were a few other items on the menu that were aborted such as fried polenta and garlic purple mash potatoes. And I still have a mountain of chicken left over from the TFB party. I'm guessing there are 20 pieces in my fridge so I don't have to worry about cooking much but I also know I'm gonna get sick of it at some point.

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Yeedeh said...

freeze the chicken for later days!