Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mushrooms and Anime

Ate this.

Watched this. Decent. The knights in this series, called "Claymores" (also the series name) all look and sound too similar so it was difficult sorting out just who was who until someone addressed them by name. The series is based on these demons called "Yoma" who like to eat people and the Claymores who are half Yoma, half human hybrids that protect the humans. Claymores can draw upon their Yoma powers but if they do it too much and cross their threshold, they run the risk of turning into Yoma themselves. The series doesn't appear to have a definite conclusion which suggests there will be another season and the internets say that the manga has had an interrupted release so most likely a second season won't come for some time. No big deal. The action can be neat at times but ultimately is comprised of Dragonball-esque powering ups but without the 3 episode charge ups. They do learn no moves so it's not as bad as the comparison. Hmm, it appears I wrote a big paragraph about Anime.

This American Anime is worth writing about. I really like this one. Ironically, I won't write about it. Book 3/Final season has begun. ^___^


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