Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thrusday - play it by ear

Breakfast at Blue Danube Cafe.

Biggest Asian Pears I've ever seen. We had some pictures of them next to my hand but it was still hard to gauge the scale of them. behind them are large apples. I would say these are larger than normal grapefruits.

Maria (oh yeah, she's my sister for those who don't know), ever so fond of the self photo. Here at the Westfield.

Noodles at Tom's Wo Tun in Chinatown.

"Traffic face"

Lego car


How many times have you walked by this thing?

I attempted to arrange a Korean BBQ posse but when that failed we settled on going to a Moroccan restaurant I've been meaning to try for some time near me. Aziza...
Ras el hanout (giant lima beans) tomato puree, french feta, fresh za'atar.

Prather ranch lamb riblets - moroccan spice reduction, pickled onions, mint.

Special - tomato salad.

Toasted cayenne-cumin almonds

Seared hokkaido sea scallops - warm brentwood corn salad, beet reduction vinaigrette, marash pepper.

Roasted root vegetable couscous - chickpeas, golden raisins, meyer lemon zest, caramelized cipollini onions.

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Gabe said...

The toasted almond with spices thing is pretty easy to do yourself. We had a dinner party a while ago and did that as a snack/appetizer to go with pre-meal drinks.