Thursday, April 19, 2007


Mushroom Bechemal. I tried cooking the mushrooms first and then using the extracted juices to incorporate into the bechamel. Sorta worked? Single peeps who like bacon normally cannot eat an entire pack or do and regret it. I oven bake a whole pack so it keeps longer. And when I want to add bacon into a dish like this, it's so easy to just cut it up and throw it in. For some reason, my Trader Joe peas stay clean when they are frozen. The ones I get at Safeway must be stored poorly because they accumulate a lot of moisture and after a week, I've got these huge honking pieces of ice on my peas and ice and hot oil don't like each other.

Grapefruit soda rocks! (From Trader Joes)

Oh yeah, last week I went to the dentist for the first time in like 3 years. No cavities! But I did have a filling break on me that needed repairs this morning. Only now does it feel better. It was pretty sensitive to chomping during lunch time. One caveat is that the filling has an unfortunate imperfection on it that's catching my tongue. I actually cut it earlier today which isn't such a big deal unless starts happening regularly. Hopefully I can get some none drill related amendments made. I really don't like drills. Their vibrating noise must make all the metal fillings in my mouth vibrate. Plus, I swear novacaine only sorta works on me. I feel what I describe as "extreme discomfort."

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