Sunday, April 22, 2007

!EPA !EPA !EPA <----

APE falls on the same weekend as Japantown's Sakura Blossom street festival. I tried to get there early but I was still lucky to find... PARKING! It was several blocks away on California near Filmore. There is a public lot up there.

mmm... Riblets...

mmm... Riblets up close...

This is the "Takoyaki" stand. But don't be fooled. If you read their sign, they say they use beef. Also the picture of the octopus on their sign is wearing cow mask on his forehead. The explanation I got was that the city wouldn't issue them a permit for serving octopus without proper refrigeration and since it was a street fair, there was a significant lack of refrigeration. These guys were also not like these guys:

So despite the really freaking long line...

these were unsurprisingly underwhelming. You're better off just getting them in the Japantown center where there is a dude serving them in the main hallway.

Curry Fishballs. Is this even Japanese? The vendors were most certainly speaking Cantonese but then again, I'd say about only 20% of the vendors were Japanese to begin with.

This dog is freakin' cute!

Throngs await the parade.

But I don't! I stumbled upon St. Dominics' Cathedral on my way back to my car. It's no Duomo but it's still a pretty fair size for our continent.

Back to APE. Akiha posing with... is that those same two people from yesterday?!? Can't tell...

Anyways, I didn't take many pictures at APE this day. So here is a picture of everyone cleaning up.

On to food. Here is an Inner Sunset picture underlooking (?) Twin Peaks.

Naan and Curry is probably San Francisco's staple Indian food place since there are multiple locations and just about everyone knows it. Just like King of Thai noodle. One through four.

This is my body...

Hanging out at Bongo Ninja Jerome's place. Watching the Golden State Warriors game.

This game is cool!

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