Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Super Star

I had to go to the dentist today to get a tooth adjustment. It actually freakin' hurt two nights ago. Anyways, since my appointment was around noon, I went to eat on Clement St afterwards. I went to Burma Super Star which is normally crowded as hell during the night time. Unfortunately they have dinner prices during the day as well. Weak sauce! The presentation of the dish was much nicer, but as I was marveling at the sight, my server unceremoniously mixed the whole thing together. You should have seen my smile disappear. A piece of me died that day.

Let's try a quick impromptu new review thing.

Burma Super Star

service: 7/10 quick and to the point. points off for crushing my dreams and not lavishing me with praise.
ambiance: 6/10 um... nice i guess. I really don't pay attention unless I'm on a date? I think at night they are so crowded so they get hissy and it gets loud so probably both service and ambiance suffer at night.
food: 7/10 it was alright. not bad. small-regular portion depending on your appetite. i forget what i ordered. it was in the noodle section. the meat pile on yellow rice thing my neighbours had looked good. Toby says they are freakin' good so maybe there are other items I need to try.
value: 4/10 - mostly because I went during lunch and it just feels shitty paying dinner prices for lunch but I thought I'd try this restaurant out anyways.

6/10 (not an average, or maybe a weighted average). this score is still pending. you really can't get a clear picture of what a restaurant is like without trying it more than once. Some places of course are so bad you can't even justify a second try. thankfully, Burma Super Star will see another night. Calling ahead and placing your cell phone on the wait list is certainly a decent way to go during the night time.
Service was quick.

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