Sunday, April 08, 2007

Robot Invasion

Robot Invasion and the 540 Club

Me and Kev got there promptly at 7pm and the place was empty. Where was everyone? Getting ready I suppose. So we got a nice thorough viewing of all the pieces without having to climb over patrons.

Will my new restaurant streak continue? Maybe!

Some home grown Engrish

Sizzling Rice Soup. Although I somehow remember the sizzling rice being puffier and less crunchy but I somehow remember miscellaneous falsehoods as well.

This Tea Smoked Duck was so flavorful but it's duck and you got the duck dipping sauce so it's still good. Just not what I was fully expecting.


Former Roommate!

I think that pen causes swelling.

Jeremy below two of his paintings


and Sold! Congrats guys. There was a really good turn out to the show. Go check it out if you are in the neighbourhood. I think the show runs for about a month or so.

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