Friday, April 13, 2007

Myx - jump off launch party

So my friend Dino is the Creative Director over at Myx. I got a picture with him that's supposed to be posted on the net but who knows where it is? These are the MCs (in the traditional sense) for the night.

Some familiar faces from the Academy days. Jan and Millie.

Another familiar face. It's Jin the MC (the modern type)

Jin spittin' The event staff seriously messed up their time management (or so it seems) and Jin was unceremoniously cut off mid-song.

17 year old Paula DeAnda. Uh, I don't know who she is but I guess she's popular. She's go this weird studio voice which sounds like what I would imagine a Japanese pop singer like Ayumi Hamasaki would sound like in English.

Some random Jeepney guys. Roscoe Umali.

Some guy from Union City? He was quite good for his first song but I think he over exerted himself. His breath control sounded all winded by the second song.

and Jeepney founder and headliner, Apl.D.Ap or the Black Eyed Peas doing his Tagalog/English songs. He was definitely good and entertaining. I left immediately after his set.

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