Friday, March 02, 2007

Wuuu Liaooo - Or just like real life?

This is a silly flash game (click on the image that looks like the above that's inside a yellow game box). I don't even know how to play it properly. Can you read the instructions Gabe? I just know sometimes pushing the arrows makes that meter go down and if it fills up, uh oh. And pressing the space bar never seems like it an ok thing to do. Unlike real life, I don't think dancing is involved.

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Gabe said...

No, I can't read the directions (well, I can read them, but I don't know what they say), but I think I was able to figure it out. The meter is your fart pressure... if it builds up too high, then that's bad. Pressing left lets you leak out a little bit, thereby decreasing the gas pressure (but you can only do this so much). Pressing space lets you let go a small fart, but you can only do this while a car is driving in front of you (so that the other dude can't hear).