Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pizzetta in my Bellyetta

Pizzetta 211
211 23rd Avenue (x-st. California)

A few good signs. There is dough. They keep it stored away and shape it when they need to make a pizza. There aren't pizzas lying about ready to be sold by the slice so note, you order a entire pie. It's not too big so a lone person should be able to finish it. The one pictured below is maybe 8-9 inches in diameter. Another good sign. The is real cheese on premise. I saw one of the pizzas being prepared and the guy was grating fresh cheese on it. Lots of California "Pizza" places will use really bad, like Costco bulk cheese. Those tastes =P

Daily? Weekly? Starter of Roasted Asparagus, Crustini, and a marinade of which I cannot recall.

To judge a pizza, you really have to get the simplest type. This is a tomato, mozzarella, and basil pizza. The crust is really good. They only make 120 (doughs) a day so if they run out, sucks to be you. There was a white cheese and pine nut pizza I will have to try next time. Oh yeah, they also have a rotating menu. I noticed the menu read something like "March 11-26." So while it's not quite New York pizza, it's still the best pizza I've had in California. And it's like 4 blocks from my house! Awesome-o! There were some nice looking dessert cakes on hand that I had to pass up. My bill was $16.80 ($9 for the pizza) =P but since you normally can't get good pizza in SF, I'll say it was worth the extra cost. Plus, whenever I get pizza with people, it's usually like $20 a pie. Per crappy pie!!! I end up paying like $2.50 per crappy slice. So this might be considered a value. Other notes: they do take out only on weekdays. Expressos and the such are served. Imported Italian cheeses were on hand (for eating I assume (rather than for pizza)) Across the street was an interesting Japanese place called Rumble Fish. I might check that one out some time. A lot of the items on their menu weren't called Sashimi, but rather Carpaccio instead which implies it's sliced thin instead of in chunks. I think?

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