Saturday, March 03, 2007

Journey to Pasco, Washington

Friday evening flight

I spy with my eye, something that rhymes with "goofball"

I think I fell asleep on the take off. I was about 5-10 seconds too late on the camera for a gorgeous shot of San Francisco under the sunset from 10,000 feet up.

Layover in Salt Lake City onto a small plane...

where row 12 was the back of the plane.

Our rental Gallant.

When you are greeted by a box of meats in the garage you know you're in for some good eats.

A really nice house!

The gang (minus Kevin on camera)

Mamon - delicious buttery cake with some cheese strings in it.

Longanesa - a Filipino Sausage

Pork Chops

Chicharones - Filipino Pork Rinds

Drunken Master in the nice entertainment room.

A stop for water at the WinCo 24 hour super mega grocery store. This place was like a regular grocery store in its appearance but it was the size of a small Costco.

Some familiar friends in the crane machine.

Red Lion Inn - this was a really nice room for just $80 (wedding special price)

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