Thursday, March 01, 2007

March. recaps. foods. future.

It's March already! Two months went by pretty quickly but they sure were jam-packed with all sorts of things. January started off in Illinois were home cooking spurred me to be go on a cooking spree. Both for myself and for guests. I also set up a home wiki that I find myself frequently using on weeknight for personal organization and ideas/notes. Soup week. Got my Wii. Work was lots of 3d/Maya practice. A month of new beginnings. February was marked by lots of good foods and hanging out with friends. Parties galore. Some new adventures in cooking were taken. Things had really picked up. Our design tools at work were coming along and the designers really got back into the swing of things. We actually we over everyone's work today. A lot of positives going into this month. The next month. March finds its start with a wedding and a conference. I'm really looking forward to March as I'm finding it a good time to wind down from all the building excitement of the past 2 months and refocus myself towards work as we begin to pick up speed in our development cycle. Of course there will be all the GDC parties and crazy networking going on next week but after that... Refocus time. I'm also looking forward to some spiritual renewal and getting myself realigned with my Qi. It's been lacking a bit of late. Oh warm weather, please come soon! Maybe go see some museums this month. Or the Flower Conservatory in Golden Gate Park. This month I will go to at least 2 new restaurants (in addition to tonight's, and excluding GDC parties and Washington (wedding)). Maybe one Egyptian or Ethiopian or Etritian. Something beginning with an "E" I guess.

Burmese doesn't begin with a "E." If you ever try to go to Burma Super Star on Clement but can't get in (there's almost always a wait there) there's another Burmese Restaurant just one block north.
Madalaly Restaurant
4348 California St. (@ 6th avenue)

Ginger Lemonade + some lovely Hot Sauce hiding in the back.

Burmese Basil Chicken

Jao Jaw - A sorts of coconut jelly on agar agar.

Food: average, I didn't order anything fancy but some of the neighbouring tables looked like they had some really nice dishes. I think you need about 4 people to get a full family style meal going to get the most out of this place.
Value: again, to make a full call, I think I'll need to go back with some reinforcements. Solo-value is low.
Service: there were 3 nice servers and 1 brusk/curt one whom I had =P It was just the other ones were so nice and she could've been not so not nice. Like I asked if side orders of vegetables could be order and it was a very short and stern "No." while other servers offered the standard apologetic "sorry, we don't do that." And when it came to dessert all the other servers were nice but for her it was "Well... the kitchen is closing soon so order fast!" It wasn't so bad but she has a bad choice of words that soured the experience.

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