Friday, March 02, 2007

Smell you Later

Despite learning that income tax is in fact illegal, I did my taxes today (and owed! >=P). That's what I get for fearing fascist government money organizations. Afterwards...

Meat Piroshiki from local Russian Bakery with Cyrillic name I can't read (edit: the bag says "Russian and Tbilisi Bakery Store: Specializing in Rusian and Georgian homemade food, khachapury, chebureky, perashky, salenie, tkemaly, blices, hincaly, papycid, rulet, russian bread.") Only $1.75 each. They are pretty good like deep fried Man Tou filled with meat but Gawd are they greasy! This would be great with some beer maybe. Maybe I'll order a beer on the plane later. Weekend wedding fotes Sunday or Monday night. Till then, Addis Ababa.

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