Saturday, August 27, 2005


Live from the Castro Theatre! Presenting...

ULTRAMANIA - starring...


With appearences by Romy and Kevin.

So this weekend was an Ultraman event at the Castro Theater. Dan Ross, an animator at TFB was part of the staff who organized the event so that's how I found out about this event. We started our day looking for parking in the Castro. Not the easiest thing to do on a Saturday of great weather, but me managed to find one. Sweet! Stomachs agrowling, we proceeded to hunt down a local eatery to which to partake in digestive gratification. After much walking, we settled for a Thai restaurant on one of the side streets. Ordered: BBQ Beef, Pork Pad Thai, Fried Chicken Fried Rice. Family style for maximum enjoyment. Stop 2 was at Naia. Apparently one of these Gelato places opened up in the Castro. I singled a Rose / Riso (rice) bowl. The rose was disappointingly weak but the Riso was good. With nothing left to do, we got in line for Ultraman. Romy and I played wireless 2p Advanced Wars DS. Unfortunately he had battery problems so we never got to finish a whole game. One interesting event was there was an Ultraman mannequin on to of the Castro theater and at some point, it was blown off by the wind smashing threw glass and landing on the roof of a truck. No one was hurt. Well, Ultraman did lose an arm. Quite shocking. Finally in, the show eventually starts with a cheesy MC plugging his insomniac television which was not the cool MTV version of the late 90's but a sci-fi and horror B movie channel on at the ass of the night. He introduced some prizes that were to be raffled off later in the night including a 1 or 12 ultraman custom guitars. This first showing was of this Ultraman knockoff called Fireman. He had nothing to do with fire and I'm told he has the same special attack as Ultraman with a slightly different pose. Told because I fell asleep during this. Some more MC BS. Then a stunt show. I met Dan later - he was working the toy booth. He told me that the zipper to the Ultraman costume broke and while they were attempting to fix it, the zipper exploded. No official Ultraman sactioning type person would let some a mockery of Ultraman set foot on the stage but, and this is good, it just so HAPPENS one of the guest speakers had the former job of fixing Ultraman stunt costumes for shows. Honing the spirits of MacGyver, he used some wired and Japanese magic to seal Ultraman in. In for good. "You'll never get out" was reported muttered by the Costume fixer and designer guy. See Ultraman kick away the roadblocks of his life.

Next up was Ultraman: Nexus, a modern day movie featuring Ultraman which was naturally preceed by whiny MC guy. The movie was pretty fun but it was one of those Voltron endings. He just didn't mess around. Once he was powered up, it was strike a pose and goodnight. MC BS, raffle stuff, and then a final showing of the last episode of Ultrman which was probably the coolest thing of the night. Mostly because it was just funny. Saraba Urutoraman!

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