Thursday, August 25, 2005


While Shaba does this whole Texas Hold'em Poker deal with their fancy chips and all in bets, the Toys For Bob folk take a much more light hearted approach to this whole gambling idea. A game of both chance and skill. Ritual and superstition. It is none other than the crocodile dentist game known and loved by all kids ages 4+. Well it's techincally called "Crocodile Dentist" but we know and love it as Crocky. This game is started with a $1 buy in. Another dollar is left in plain site, either in your hand or protruding from a pocket, sleeve, or other article of clothing. With all the buy in money amassed in a basket before Crocky, all players pick a disc with a number determining their order. Next, start pressing teeth! If he bites your hand, you're out! You can use your in plain site dollar to buy back in one time. If you are biten a second time, you turn in your disc. Nuts for you! Last man takes home a big basket of money. As a once a week event, it's great fun for all.

Crocky's Pearly Whites.

(Left to Right) Money offering, Crocky, Moderator Guy (Guy is his name), Cyborg (Cyborg is his name), Disc demarking order of dental inspection.

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