Saturday, August 06, 2005


Chu-i !!! Chu-i is visiting from Taiwan. Happy day! It's been around 18 months since I last saw her. We went to school together at the Academy. Our first class together was Figure Modeling and the Computer Animation Production the following summer. I think a Games Environment and Texture class and a Special Topics Texture class as well. She's got to have the most frequent flyer miles riding shotgun in classmate airlines. So here we have the Aloha Festival taking place at the Presidio. It took some time for me and Dan to find it but here we are.

Chu-i and me with... um... Mana Pua? I don't know. Pork & Fish in seaweed.

Dan and Chu-i with hawaiian chicken teriyaki and poke'. Mac salad and rice. Yum!

Dan, Chu-i, Me. The line for Malastados was long but they were delicious.

Dan, Chu-i, Me. So there are palm trees and all, and hawaiian "looking" food but is this really an Aloha festival?

Hawaiian dancers! Proof enough? Thanks for visiting!

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