Friday, August 12, 2005

The sucketh run plenty

If the letters DMB (David Matthews Band) are rearranged, you get DBM which is both DB and BM. So transending across several languages, it stands that this guy is just crappy. There's nothing he can do. Doomed from the inception of his band's name. Or simply adding "band" to his name so he can seem less into himself. So I went to this concert at SBC park. The show started with pop singer JEM who failed to be truly truly outrageous. She was just myeh. The real show was with the Black Eyed Peas but for reasons we shall only refer to as "idiocy" the jumbo screens were not deemed worthy for their perusal. The BEPs which does not rearrange into any toilet humor were a great show. Not only were their songs pumping but they really knew how to entertain. It was a big disappointment however. The finished their set with "Let's Get it Started" which seemed quite appropriate but with an hour intermission, it became quite ironic. Enter Sucky Matthews. As if the spawn of satan suckling your dry teet, this man managed to suck all that is good in this earth from my consciousness. I guess my big problem was he is a sucky showman. He didn't pick his list very well and only played for his established fanbase. An outsider like me doesn't stand a chance. I didn't recognize a single song he sang and the songs he did play all sound the same. The same one chord over and over again. The show sucked very much like this picture.

Oh, I'm being harsh. He was worse than this photo.
Note bright lights. The epicenter of ass.

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