Saturday, August 20, 2005


Aug 20th - 1 AM
And before I knew it, someone had lost a tooth...

Aug 19th - 10AM
Some sort of explosion downtown. The news people don't seem too overly concerned so it's probably not a terrorist attack. But why'd terrorists ever attack San Francisco? The bay area probably has the highest concentration of anti-war activists. Cindy Sheehan?

Aug 19th - 12PM
My last day at Shaba was pretty hectic. There was a lot of loose ends to tie up before heading back to TFB. A lot of little tasks I was to get done for the Shabans. Tom, Sylvain, Brandon, Steve, and myself took the RAV4 ride up to Little Saigon to partake in the Pho. Tom was particularly shocked at my consumption of beef tendon. I can understand that it's this translucent, rubbery, and very odd looking thing that's floating in the Pho and that he doesn't eat red meat, but hey, "It's only tendon!" Every time he saw me taking a bite from it, he'd overreact "How can you eat that?!?" to which I'd reply "It's only tendon! It's full of calcium!" So as were leaving, in a moment of my adolescent goofiness, I had the tendon in my mouth protruding like a tongue. Whilst trying to get Tom's attention, the waitress came by to give me an odd look. Hehehe, all in good fun.

Aug 19th - 4PM
Weekly Shaba company meeting. Company President Chris Scholz announces my departure and sending off. They shower me with gifts. Really. It was quite embarassing. I'm glad they didn't do it in front of everyone. Shaba's been fun and educational but it's time to go home to TFB.

Aug 19th - 7PM
Beers with Shabans at the Courtyard Marriot. Californian Anchor Steam.

Aug 19th - 9PM
40 Year Old Virgin. Sony Metreon. Funny movie but I had my hands over my mouth for half of the movie. Just a lot of "OH! That just ain't right!"

Aug 19th - 11:30PM
We went to Kate O'Brian's Irish pub near the Academy for some drinks. I had a Black and Tan. We talked it up and had a merry ole time. Dan, Kevin, Romy, Mike, Ali, Mark, Nee, Christina2 & Man, Genevieve, Bethany, and myself.

Aug 20th - 12:30AM
Man with posse seen prowling about bar.

Aug 20th - 1AM
There seems to be some yelling at the mouth of the bar. Suddenly there is some pushing and then even more suddenly flying chairs and before I knew it, someone had lost a tooth. One posse member comically stood in the back swinging his crutch in a oh-so-menacing fashion. The one guy who got hit luckily fell into an open closet as many chairs were thrown at him. The doorway saved him from some wooden chaired bludgeoning. Romy played Statue on the side wisely not making any sudden movements. Equally comical to the dangerous crutch man was the main assailant who grabbed a glass candle holder and threw it to the ground as to say "I'm so tough! See this candle doesn't even stand a chance against me!" just as he left. Now Kate O'Brians is pretty well situated near the who downtown Bar and Club scene area. The main San Francisco Police station is only 6 blocks away. On a Friday night, there are many squad cars on patrol so on this night we had a timely response of about 90 seconds. Factor this with a run-away man on crutches and the cops saying that they have already seen the group matching the description and you've got some of societies brightest stars. "What a total buzz-killer" spaketh Dan.

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