Sunday, August 21, 2005

Broken Flowers. Broken Dreams.

That's a weird title. So I tried yet another social group off of craigslist. This one was a movie discussion group which was really interesting. The vibe wasn't all there but the discussion was very good. It made me digest the movie all the better. The movie being Bill Murray's Broken Flowers. So on a five point rating system:

Story 1/5 (blah)
Acting 3/5 (nothing spectacular but nothing bad)
Character Portraiture 4/5
Cinematography 3/5

Overall 2.75/5

I didn't really like this film and without the discussion we had afterwards, I would have liked it less. The group members were sharp to point out a lot of little things that I didn't quite pick out. In the end, I think the best phrase to discribe this movie would be "Negative Space."

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