Saturday, August 09, 2008

Time to line up

cause I'm eating at Mama's again. It just felt like one of those Brunch days. Especially since I woke up early-ish to drop Kevin off at the Golden Gate Bridge so he could go to work (we saw the Dark Knight again but this time on IMAX w/ Romy who was in town so Kev stayed over) while I stayed home.

2 eggs, 2 sausages

swedish cinnamon french toast.

The food was pretty good again. I think the only thing about this place is the line. And then you get these really loud talking groups. And then those groups invite loud obnoxious friends who say things like "no food is worth this wait" and "why is the line so slow???" Shut up or leave man! I need to bring some friends here to be those obnoxious people. Maybe then it won't be annoying. >__<

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