Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday of Activities

Kick Ball!

@ Kimball Field

Twain the Dog

So after a 11-0 first inning, we swapped two players and the other team came back to win 20-19.

In game 2, what was a pretty tight game sudden burst into a 20 run 5th inning crushing the other (remixed) team's spirits. This despite them only being down by 12 and the 11 runs having been previously bested. And welcome back Scott and Crystal.

The Buckshot now has a kitchen??? The sign on the right is hard to read but it reads "Ike Turner - shot of Hennesey and a slap in the face $10"

Pulled Pork!

Country Fried Bacon?!? They need to double up the strips so it's thicker. I think that place in Texas triples their strips. And then they need that white country fried sauce. They served theirs with maple syrup which isn't bad but it isn't country fried!

IBC Root Beer in a boot mug

Then I went home and ended up watching Water Boys on crunchyroll. The movie featured both the ever crazy Naoto Takenaka and a scene with Dance Dance Revolution.

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